Contests highlight ‘Linggo ng Wika’ celebration

Various contests highlighted the Linggo ng Wika celebration of the Western Cagayan School of Arts and Trades, August 22.

With the theme “Tatag ng Wikang Filipino, Lakas ng Pagka-Pilipino”, the celebration aimed to underscore the worth of the Filipino language in strengthening and restoring the Filipino spirit.

The program focused on the vocal solo competition which featured the rendering of Original Filipino Music (OPM)  to capture the essence our own songs. The slogan and poster making contests that brought out the relevance  of  the theme manifested  the artistry of the student contestants.

Winners in the competitions were: Cammile Lara, Vocal Solo; Pamela Balmartino, Poster making; and Alzen Galapon, Slogan.

The officers of the different school organizations staged a number of performances depicting the Filipino culture. The STEP oraganization performed a folk dance, the Dynamic Math Club presented an interpretative dance,  the Supreme Student Government enacted a radio drama and the sponsoring club, the Communication Arts Club performed a role play.

On the other hand, Mr. Selvino Nagasangan, a Master Teacher of the school elaborated on the theme after capturing the attention of the crowd with his farewell poem as he is retiring from the service in September 2012.


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